2018 Estée Lauder - EMEA Round Table, London

We conceive & design decks

for your important presentations.

Your want to raise funds. You want to launch and sell a product or a service. You want to introduce the upcoming project and strategy to your team. Your want to convince your senior management that you might have found the next big thing. You want to present financial and marketing KPI's with numbers and charts that speak for themselves. You want to support your keynote speech with a mindblowing deck. You want to highlight key information while sending a signal of modernity, control and professionalism.

You want to make an impression. 

Let's work together.

We design your powerpoint presentations, 

corporate templates and graphical charter

on all formats and supports.

Get an estimation in minutes.

Impactful made to measure graphical charter,

reusable for all further presentations and projects.

Fundraising deck

Entrepreneur, start up, incubator

Top management KPI's deck

Manager, financial/sales/marketing director, project owner

Keynote speech deck

Top management, President, VP, CEO

For entrepreneurs, business presentations are a crucial asset in the process of raising money. We simply consider it as much important as a financial/accounting business plan. A strong presentation can not only facilitate the assimilation of primary aspects of conceptual ideas or advanced projects, it can also highlight and emphasize the financial and marketing prospects of your business. Raising money starts with raising excitement. 

Round tables, online summits, sales/financial updates, product launchings, marketing strategies... We want to adapt and embrace your corporate culture by working with you on its important rendez-vous. It is not only a matter of keeping/evolving a corporate graphical charter. We believe in partnering with you and deliver the best possible support to sustain your goals. If you just want a vendor, please don't choose us. We look only for partners.

Keynotes speak louder than words. A good speech is a speech that your audience will also memorize visually. From CEOs to world leaders, this format has been widely recognized as a powerful weapon in the quest for delivering impactful messages. This format is a made to measure support dedicated to serve your speech. We pay particular attention to dynamic animated transitions, providing all stage equipments to perform and make a big impression.

Get an estimation in minutes.

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